Friday, October 29, 2010

Our Halloween Party!

This was the set-up for our Halloween Party.
I moved all of the tables together to make one big party table.

Black pumpkins stenciled on the paper and a few funky pumpkins
for an extra bit of festiveness!
These pumpkins were really cheap (under $1.00) at Safeway.

We pre-ordered some white cupcakes with a side of frosting (Safeway).

I normally would have made all of the cupcakes myself and just bought a few containers of frosting, but my boss told me that Safeway's bakery will bake them and give you a BUNCH of frosting for a pretty reasonable price.
We got 42 cupcakes (3.5 dozen) and ALL of that frosting for about $15.00!

I used the bright gel food coloring for the funky Halloween frosting and we set out candy corn, sprinkles and M&Ms for the kids to decorate their own cupcakes.

Some of their "cupcake creations."

After cupcakes, we played "Pin the Wart on the Witch!"

I made this GIANT witch face last year, just about the same way that
the kids made their Pop-up Nose Wicked Witches.

Each child was given a small, round, brown "wart" with their name on it on one side and a piece of double-sided tape on the other.
Then, they were blindfolded and spun around.
It was pretty hard to find at times, but most of them got her square on the nose!

However, a few were a little off...

Feeling for the nose.

Lots of Warts!

Good job kids!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Handprint Spiders.

Handprints are one of my favorite crafts to do!
Super easy and always adorable!

Paint Brushes
Construction Paper
Googly Eyes
Lotion (optional) - Add to the paint, helps it come off easier!

Paint only the palm and 4 fingers of each hand.

Press the hand down on a piece of white construciton paper.

Paint the other palm and 4 fingers black and rotate your paper to the opposite side so that both of the child's pinky fingers are on the same end of the spider.

Messy hands = cute handprint spider.

Don't forget the googly eyes!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Freaky Frankenstein.

I got the idea for these Freaky Frankensteins from a greeting card
I picked up at Target last year. The kids did a great job puttin' him together!

Construction Paper
Googly Eyes
Glue Sticks

Glue the brain onto the back of the head.

Next, glue down his big yellow nose and the whites of his eyes.

Then the red mouth and pink tongue.

Don't forget to put the "bolts" on the back of his neck!

A little bit of manscaping with his eyebrows and Googly eyes.

Draw a horizontal line across his forhead and some vertical stripes,
so it looks as if his skull has been sawed open and stitched back up!

Using a brad, fasten the forehead to the head covering the exposed brain.

Oh! And don't forget...

On Halloween, party your brains out!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Roller-Ball Painting.

This is a craft that I do ALL of the time.
The kids love it and it's so super easy!

Paper Box Lids
Construction Paper

I always use lids from large paper boxes.
I'm sure any box would do,
but these box lids are shallow enough for little hands.

I usually put out about 3-4 corrdinating colors for the kids to use.
Place a marble in each color and a spoon or spork in the cup too.

Here's the fun part!

Using the spoon/spork, place a marble on top of the
construction paper that you have laid in the box.
Holding the box on each side, tip the box from right to left.

Again, using the spoon/spork, lift the marble out
and place back into the color from which you got it.

Pick another color and start rollin'!