Monday, January 3, 2011

Party Hats.

Aren't these Party Hats fun?
Sure, you can't really wear them on your head,
but with that much "bling" (sequins and confetti) who would want to?
Actually, probably MOST of my lil' kiddos, that's who!

Construction Paper
White Glue
Small Pom-Poms
Party Streamer/Crepe Paper

I cut a bunch of construction paper triangles in nice fresh colors,
opting to leave my Jolly Red and Holly Green in the supply cabinet!
I think we've had enough Red and Green for a while now.

I let the kids go to town with the confetti and sequins
and the glue! They came up with some nice designs.

Here's one of my great secrets:
The "confetti" is from our schools binding machine and it works perfectly for SO many crafts! Every once in a while I go and check the drop slot, where the punch-outs for the bindings go and low-and-behold it's usually full of multi-colored tiny squares! Perfect and free confetti!

When they're done decorating the hat with the sequins and confetti,
they get a long strip (about 18") of party streamer/crepe paper.

The crepe paper works perfectly as fringe.
Just spread some glue on the bottom of the hat and
scrunch up the paper for a layered effect.

Don't forget the pom-pom topper!

Cute and easy New Year Party Hats!

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